We provide our Clients with incorporation services such as:

– Advice on company incorporation in more than 50 countries;

– Company incorporation of all legal forms such as LLC, JSC, LLP;

– Company incorporation in offshore jurisdictions;

– Private Funds incorporation;

– Trusts incorporation;

– Holding incorporation;

– Incorporation of Financial Institutions such as Banks, Banks Acquires, Electronic Money Institution etc;

– Support of selection of the most suitable/favorable jurisdiction;

– Support of buying a ready-made company.

Opening bank accounts

We provide our Clients with services:

– Support of selection of jurisdiction of Bank with respect to specifics of your business in more than 50 banks worldwide;

– Opening bank accounts in the Electronic Money Institution;

– Representing the interests of Client in negotiations with bankers;

– Legal support at all stages;

– Contractual support;

– Filling in all necessary forms;

– Preparation of a package of documents.

Accounting and Audit

We provide our Clients with services:

– Advice on accounting and taxation;

– Accounting services: accounting and tax report;

– Formulation of accounting and tax accounting systems at companies;

– Restoration of accounting and tax reporting;

– Preparation and submission of reports on company without activity;

– Support in obtaining VAT numbers in different countries including MOSS, VIES, Introstat;

– Audit of financial statements;

– Thematic audit of financial statements.

Opening merchant accounts

We provide our Clients with services:

– Support of selection of Bank Acquirer in more than 200 banks worldwide;

– Opening merchant accounts for high-risk Clients such as Forex, Cryptocurrency, Casino, gambling, Pharmacy, Online Courses etc;

– Representing the interests of Client in negotiations with bankers;

– Legal support at all stages;

– Contractual support;

– Filling in all necessary forms;

– Preparation of a package of documents.

Legal advice and drafting

We provide our Clients legal and draft support for business at all stages:

– Advice on business incorporation in different jurisdictions;

– Advice on business structuring/restructuring;

– Advice on taxation;

– Advice on opening bank and merchant accounts;

– Advice on accounting and tax declaration submission;

– Advice on compliance with licensing requirements;

– Work with Memorandums, contracts and other internal corporate documents;

– Accompanying and negotiating with local and international partners;

– Consultation on legal issues.

Corporate and Tax structuring

We provide our Clients with services:

– Advise on business structuring/restructuring;

– Corporate and tax structuring of Holdings and groups of companies;

– Corporate and tax structuring of Funds;

– Corporate and tax structuring of Trusts;

–  M&A;

– Liquidation of a company;

– Development of mechanisms for managing and distributing assets;

– Complex analysis of existing business models;

– Advice on taxation;

– International tax planning;

– Project support.


We provide our Clients with services to ensure the operation of the business in compliance with the requirements of the applicable legislation (Compliance), including entering new markets and undergoing financial monitoring.


 Financial licenses


Company’s activities that deal with financial services require registration in accordance with the requirements of financial regulators and obtaining authorization documents, such as specialized licenses and certificates.


This will allow effective and stable functioning of financial companies (banks, processing companies, insurance, funds, credit organizations, etc.) and attract potential partners and customers.

We offer our clients support of the procedure for obtaining financial licenses in various countries.


Types of proposed licenses:


– Brokerage licenses;

– Forex licenses;

– License for electronic money;

– Investment Licenses;

– Licenses for the conduct of banking activities depending on the planned services (processing, deposits, micro/macro loans for individuals or legal entities, card products, currency transactions, securities, etc.);

– License for payment and processing systems: settlement and merchant accounts, transfer of funds, issue of cards, acquiring payment instruments, execution of payment transactions with POS terminals;

– Licenses of Electronic Money Institution, Small Electronic Money Institution and other types of licenses.

Gambling License

The gambling business is quite popular worldwide and brings a high profit to its owners. It is also stable in terms of investments, because every year the number of players grows significantly, and the number of gambling establishments (online casinos, lotteries, sports betting, etc.) also increases.


However, its launch requires obtaining a special gaming license (gambling license), and in most countries of the world, this type of activity is prohibited. Therefore, the owners of such a business are looking for opportunities for its legal registration in certain jurisdictions where this is permitted.


The most popular jurisdictions in this respect are countries such as: Malta, Curacao, Giblatar, Costa Rica. For example, such popular online casinos as Joy Casino and Casino X chose Curaçao for their registration, 888Casino – Gibraltar, Stargames, Unibet received a license for Malta, and Golden Cave – in Costa Rica.

Each of the popular jurisdictions that offer a gambling license has its own characteristics.


In this case, the future operator should take into account that obtaining a license is not a formal procedure. Regulators of some jurisdictions are very scrupulously approaching the issues of issuing gaming licenses to one or another provider.


We offer our clients legal support of obtaining Gambling License on all it steps.