Ready-made solutions for business from the law firm StronLegal


Creating a business model and its further development is a long process, which should be elaborately planned. A systematic approach is needed here because of a strict dependence of global business on marketing peculiarities – a potential failure may occur if one of the essential processes is violated. StronLegal Services may help to get a ready-made company, which was already elaborated – its primary development and promotion processes were established. 

What Is а Ready-Made Business?

It is a company, which was already created considering all modern rules and registered to acquire a legal status. As a rule, such products had no marketing activity, but they are in high demand nowadays because of time expenses reduction and fewer development options at the first stages of its implementation. Ready-made solutions can become the first step to the global business introduction and help to make a detailed analysis of competitors with less resource contribution. 

Choose The Type

Buying a ready-made company requires the choice of its type due to the financial characteristics and availability of a bank account:

  1. Companies without tax history and a bank account: it was already registered and all documentation was prepared, but there is no financial account.
  2. Companies with a confirmed bank account: it has no tax and payment operations, but the current account for it has already been opened.

Acquire The Necessary Documentation

One of the most essential aspects is the legal grounds of the company’s existence – you may not think about its registration and preparation of the document package. These have already been done to allow placement of ready-made company for sale. The documents, which confirm the businesses legality:

  1. Incorporation Certificate confirms the primary registrations of the company.
  2. Articles of Association – specifies the company’s activity and its purposes.
  3. Share Certificate – confirms the legality of a certain shares amount. 
  4. The Members Register – includes the information about the owner and the details about the shares, which are held.
  5. Share Transfer Instrument – makes shares sale or transfer legally binding.
  6. Certificate of Non-trading – confirms that the company does not conduct trade activity.  
  7. Extract from the State Register – confirms corporate structure, authorized share capital and registered office address.  
  8. Certificate of Incumbency – provides brief information about the company, it’s officers and shareholders, and confirms their capacity .
  9. Certificate of Good Standing – confirms that company does not have any indebtedness before governmental authorities.  

Benefits Of Choosing A Ready-Made Solution 

Besides time expenses reduction, you may acquire other beneficial properties, which help to provide efficient business promotion:

  1. Obtaining bank loans may become easier for already registered companies, than for the young and non-established ones. 
  2. Be confident in its legality and clear reputation with a non-trading history.
  3. You may acquire abilities to work globally if you buy a ready-made offshore company.
  4. Get a deposited capital, which was already registered and confirmed. 
  5. Analyze the competitors by making a pre-review of a product’s qualities.
  6. The different company’s foundation ages may also help to select the most appropriate one for the customer requirements.


All in all, such types of business may become profitable for those who want to spend less time on the company’s registration, primary business processes, establishment, and preparation of registration documents. Choose the needed business type, define the field in which you may provide the services, and think about choosing the ready-made solution, which may become the first step to global promotion.