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Nowadays a lot of countries with controversial economic conditions force citizens to change their places of living. People move to other countries with stable economics and use possibilities of getting more comfortable working and living peculiarities. StronLegal offers services, which help to establish citizenship legally and make you not worried about some inconvenience happening while staying abroad.

The moving procedure requires the involved preparation – a lot of essential processes should be considered. So how can people get reliable and comfortable moving management and what does citizenship by investment mean?

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Difference Between Citizens And Residents

Usually the genuine meaning of “citizenship” is confused with “residentship”, therefore, before getting the best second citizenship, the difference between these two similar terms needs to be defined.


Become A Citizen And Acquire Full Political Rights

Citizenship means that person is considered a full member of a constant society and has certain responsibilities to the state government. Citizen status is usually accompanied by the specific rules:

  • Regular taxes payment after adulthood reaching;
  • More than 50 countries require necessary military service;
  • The laws’ compliance;
  • Jury services and municipal duties.

In return, some key functions and rights become available for the citizens – their observance is strictly dependent on persons’ desire (each country’s rights differ from each other and may have different terms of their authenticity acquired for the citizens). For example, immigration through investment in Europe may set specific restrictions even if a person got a citizen status.


Residentship – Work With Specific Restrictions

Residents are people, who have constant rights while being on the country’s territory. These rights are determined by the host country and type of program, used for residency establishment. For example, people who have U.S. Green cards are allowed to get a permanent job and advantages in getting logging and preferential insurance.

The residentship establishment is also available for foreign organizations, aimed at activities provided in the host country. However, tax law in most countries requires regular income tax payment that is regularly controlled by the executive agencies.


Investment Citizenship Application

A modern way of getting citizenship by investitions’ contributions to the country’s budget is popular nowadays. European passport by investment can be obtained after several financial investments making considering the key rules of citizenship application. People get a citizen status with the investment method faster, unlike the common immigrational process. Such a status acquiring results in the next efficient functions:

  1. Visa restrictions become needless: new citizens can travel on the country’s territory without any entry or departure limitations.
  2. Reliable security and safety confidence: the host country guarantees political and social defense for everybody who invests citizenship.
  3. New business opportunities: innovative business promotion ways can be implemented in a host country.
  4. Educational, working, and living opportunities: the rights of the country’s citizens become available for everybody, who applies for citizenships by investment.
  5. Tax management: in some countries, only the tax income should be paid – the capital gain is not necessary for such citizens.



As we see, citizenship or residency establishment becomes a new way of immigrant empowerment. So, if you want to give one more citizenship by a fast and reliable method, know how to apply for citizenship by investment and choose a company, which may help to provide all the needed processes and make your moving abroad legal and suitable for your purposes.

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