International taxation

International taxation is an integral part of modern business. In the era of globalization and digitalization of the economy, doing business in several markets within different jurisdictions is simple, even for small and medium businesses.

Modern companies prefer to make their trading activities in one jurisdiction, have effective management in another, and keep their employees remotely, which raises questions about exactly where a business must pay taxes.

In such conditions, the tax authorities are literally unable to properly exercise control, which allows them to find various loopholes in international law and get the benefit.

However, there is a tightening of tax and financial control rules every year, which requires timely tax planning, taking into account current trends.

Right tax planning together with a complex approach provides significant benefits to the business and solve many of problems inherent in modern realities. These include asset protection, tax optimization, control of currency risks, access to foreign banks, general recovery of business, et al.

Our services include tax structuring of Holdings and groups of companies, Funds, Trusts; development of financing schemes, dividend payments and royalties; development of investment schemes; advice on the application of international law mechanisms; corporate and fiduciary services (incorporations), HNWI asset.

Corporate and M&A

Corporate law regulates both the most basic business issues and the most complex structures.

Corporate law provides for mere incorporation of a company to start a business and for actions such demanding as securitisations and IPOs. One of the most important aspects the corporate law regulates is the relations between shareholders which provides for an ability to make legally binding arrangements one would want to formalize when investing into, co-owning or creating a new business.

Intellectual property

Protection of intellectual property rights takes a special place due to the high level of violations during the global competition. In this respect, each field as pharmaceuticals, IT, gambling, industry and others, requires an individual and non-standard approach to protecting the intellectual product created in it.

We provide consulting services to clients and take an active place in supporting their business activities, managing risks associated with various violations and minimizing these risks, ensuring reliable protection of copyrights, trademarks, industrial property at all stages of their creation, registration and further management.

Contracts and Transactions

Contracts and transactions are an integral part of the effective functioning of the company. Correctly drawn up contracts can protect the interests of business owners and minimize the risks associated with their activities. We fully understand the importance of risk management and the minimization of the probability of disputes, so we complete and develop fair and sustainable contracts that help our clients achieve their goals.

We specialize in the following types of contracts and transactions:

Asset and Stock Purchase Agreements;

Shareholder Agreements;

Partnership Agreements;

Financial Documents;

Real Estate Leases;

Employment Contracts;

Confidentiality Agreements and others.

In addition to the development of contracts, we assist our clients in the dissolution, sale or transfer of business by performing the necessary transactions, drawing up relevant documents and developing a succession plan.

Compliance (due diligence)

Due Diligence is a legal examination of the company, asset or specific issue for compliance with applicable laws. This allows identifying potential tax and legal risks that may arise in the inspected object.

During legal due diligence, we comprehensively research the legal basis of the company’s activities, describe its main business processes (internal and external) from the point of view of the Law, verify the legal “purity” of property, identify existing encumbrances, identify and assess legal risks and find ways to eliminate them.

Due Diligence protects your business from hostile takeovers while expanding or selling the company’s stock. Also, it will protect you when dealing with a foreign company or changing the management system. During the legal examination, risks associated with transactions are identified; so this reduces the likelihood of further disputes and disagreements between the parties to the transaction.

Accounting and Auditing

We provide our Clients with services:

– Advice on accounting and taxation;

– Accounting services: accounting and tax report;

– Formulation of accounting and tax accounting systems at companies;

– Restoration of accounting and tax reporting;

– Preparation and submission of reports on company without activity;

– Support in obtaining VAT numbers in different countries including MOSS, VIES, Introstat;

– Audit of financial statements;

– Thematic audit of financial statements.

Financing and financial services

Company’s activities that deal with financial services require registration in accordance with the requirements of financial regulators and obtaining authorization documents, such as specialized licenses and certificates.

This will allow effective and stable functioning of financial companies (banks, processing companies, insurance, funds, credit organizations, etc.) and attract potential partners and customers.

We offer our clients support of the procedure for obtaining financial licenses in various countries.

Types of proposed licenses:

– Brokerage licenses;

– Forex licenses;

– License for electronic money;

– Investment Licenses;

– Licenses for the conduct of banking activities depending on the planned services (processing, deposits, micro/macro loans for individuals or legal entities, card products, currency transactions, securities, etc.);

– License for payment and processing systems: settlement and merchant accounts, transfer of funds, issue of cards, acquiring payment instruments, execution of payment transactions with POS terminals;

– Licenses of Electronic Money Institution, Small Electronic Money Institution and other types of licenses.